You Can Rent A Dumpster In Wolfforth, Texas

Get a cheap roll-off dumpster now

Contact Budget Dumpster if you want to rent a dumpster in Wolfforth, Texas that is both cheap and easy to use. No one in our field can beat our prices and terms of service. One of the best things about our business is how easy it is to place an order. Your dumpster can be ordered, paid for, and set up for delivery with just one phone call. Contact Budget Dumpster if you want to rent a dumpster from a company in Lubbock that you can trust that won’t break the bank.

Customers usually save between $25 and $100 when they rent a dumpster


  • You can have your order sent to almost any home or business that is privately owned.
  • We can use our roll-off containers for yard waste, building waste, and home trash.
  • We rent out dumpsters in many different sizes.
  • Rent from the waste removal company is the best deal and the most useful.

How to Rent a Dumpster in Wolfforth?

For each rental, Budget Dumpster charges a single flat fee that covers everything. They charge a single flat rate that includes all fees and taxes. Once you get a quote, the price of renting a dumpster won’t go up or down. The 10-day rental period is included in our price that covers everything. If you want to keep your trash can longer than what was agreed, it will only cost you $10 per day. When your dumpster is full, call us, and we’ll send someone to get it.

Each dumpster they have has a door that can open. So, you can carry heavy items into the container instead of throwing them through the open top. Must fill the container as evenly as possible. If the dumpster isn’t filled evenly, it could hurt vehicles, and you might have to pay a trip fee. Make sure not to put too much in the container. If things stick out of the top of a dumpster or hang off the sides, we won’t be able to pick them up. 

If you want to put your dumpster on the street or someone else’s property, you must get the city’s permission. They can’t drop off a container that spills onto the street or sidewalk. Before ordering a dumpster, make sure you have enough room for it. If we get to your site and can’t put the container where you want it because it’s not our fault, you will be charged about $100. We strongly suggest that everyone in Wolfforth measure their driveways before renting a dumpster

You can rent roll-off containers in any size

The Budget Dumpster has a lot of dumpsters to choose from. They have open-top containers that are 10 to 40 yards in size. Each of their containers can only hold a certain amount of weight. Their trash cans can help you with any job, whether big or small. Give them a call if you’re unsure what size container you’ll need for your next project. 

Any of their containers can hold a lot of household trash and construction waste. Only fill the container halfway if you want to remove heavy things like concrete or brick. When renting a dumpster in Wolfforth, tell the people who take your call what you’re throwing away.